QuitKick Total Stall System

QuitKick Total Stall System

The system comes with all necessary fixtures and fittings.


QuitKick Total Stall System is designed to stop horses from kicking the interior walls of their stalls.

The system works by attaching small battery powered kick sensors to the interior walls of the stable/stall near to where the horse is kicking. These sensors detect a kick from the horse and send a wireless signal back to the main unit which instantly sends two jets of water into the stable/stall. This immediate and consistent reaction to the wall being kicked very quickly stops the behaviour.

As with all QuitKick devices the horse will not associate the water jets with anything other than kicking the wall and therefore the horse’s relationship with humans will be unaffected.

The Total Stall System can be set up to work in any type of stable.

There are two different variations of the Total Stall System available. Your choice will depend on the type of stable/stall you are intending to use the unit on. In both cases the procedure for locating the sensors is the same but the fitting of the main unit is different.

The majority of stables/stalls should allow for the main unit to be located outside and the water jets to access the horse through a window or through the bars/grill along the front of the stable/stall – choose the Bars and Grills option above.

On occasions if the stable is fully enclosed you may need to locate the main unit inside the stable (choose the enclosed stable option above).

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