Door kicking has been a persistent problem for many of our patients and their owners.
The recurrent removal of shoes and associated hoof damage can be an ongoing source of lameness especially in those animals with poor foot conformation to start with. We have also had several horses that have damaged extensor tendon sheaths over the knee, and aggravated or perhaps in some cases caused fetlock, pastern and coffin joint arthritis through persistent door kicking.
I can see the QuitKick will be invaluable for these patients. One of the boxes at our surgery is now fitted with such a device and has done an excellent job in preventing damage to patient and stable alike, especially important in those individuals recuperating after orthopaedic surgery.
Ben Chilvers BVMS Cert EM (Int) MRCVS   www.priorsfarm.co.uk

If your horse kicks the door with his front feet you need QuitKick Door Kicker

If your horse kicks the stable somewhere other than the door with either his front or hind legs you need the QuitKick Total Stall System

When a horse develops the habit of kicking in the stable it can be dangerous, costly and very annoying. Stable kicking can often lead to leg and foot injuries, increasing vet and farrier costs and can in some extreme cases result in severe injury and even euthanasia.
Kicking can also damage stable walls and stable doors. Prior to the invention of QuitKick this habit could not be cured without time consuming and intensive one-on-one training.

QuitKick is the only totally humane, totally effective and totally permanent cure for this behaviour. It also requires no human interaction with the horse.
QuitKick products produce a totally consistent response that human interaction cannot replicate. Installing QuitKick not only gives horse owners peace of mind, knowing that their horse will not injure itself or damage the stable, it will also have no impact on their on-going relationship with their horse. For people running yards and stabling facilities, QuitKick will bring peace and quiet to a yard that would otherwise suffer from this contagious, noisy, harmful and annoying habit
QuitKick has been designed to stop horses kicking their stable doors and walls.
However, before fitting QuitKick it is important that you have attempted to understand the reasons behind why your horse is kicking.
A regular routine and exercise are vital for any horse. You may find implementing these two things is enough. Also not rewarding the horse by giving it any ‘treats’ to stop the kicking will undoubtedly help.
Boredom can also be a key factor in door kicking. Where possible attempts should be made to offer the horse as much mental stimulation as possible. Information on ‘enriching’ your horses environment can readily be found on the internet.
Whilst QuitKick WILL stop your horse kicking the stable door it is very important the welfare of the horse is not overlooked.
Since QuitKick has been available it has stopped many horses from injuring themselves and in some cases has literally saved their lives. However it is not designed to be a substitute for good caring horsemanship.
All sorts of methods have been used in the past to try to stop horses from kicking stables and stable doors: squirting water at the horse; shouting at it; throwing things; leaving it’s feed until last …and so on. 
The problem is, all these acts are seen as punishments by the horse and it connects the punishments with people. Therefore, it has not learnt to not kick the stable, only to stop kicking when it sees a person. 
The Quitkick devices are the only effective cure for stable kicking because the horse’s actions are immediately met with the same undesirable reaction regardless of any other circumstances. QuitKick is activated only by the horse and the horse soon learns to associate the water jets with nothing other than his own actions. Quitkick systems teach the horse to stop kicking the door and/or stable. Other methods simply make it more difficult. They do not address the horse’s desire to kick the door. 
  • The QuitKick device is re-chargeable and will last up to 10 days on a full charge.
  • Internal water filter to avoid blockages.
  • Adjustable jet direction.
  • Quickly fitted to the mounting plate.
  • Extra back plates and ‘dummy’ Quit-Kick units available