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QuitKick Door Kicker

The QuitKick Door Kicker is where it all started! The QuitKick Door Kicker is mounted on the outside of the stable door and is able to detect a kick from the horse through its bespoke electronic sensing system. Once a kick is detected the Door Kicker device immediately sends two jets of water upwards in a one second burst. This totally consistent and instant response to a kick very quickly teaches the horse not to kick the door. The horse will not associate the water jets with anything other than door kicking so fitting a QuitKick will therefore not impact on any other element of the horse’s life. Very importantly the horse will not associate the QuitKick water jets with humans and therefore your ongoing relationship with your horse will not be affected as you will not be seen as the one doing the punishing. The sensors are able to work out when the door is kicked so the horse is free to look out over the door as normal. The unit will not activate without a sharp impact. Many thousand QuitKick Door Kickers have been sold worldwide and we are yet to hear of one that has not been successful in stopping the horse from kicking the door.