"We would just like to say how impressed we are with our 'Quitkick'.
Our Shire Horse, Kavaner, was not only damaging his stable but more
worryingly, damaging himself. After trying other door kicking deterrents
we are happy to say that within one day of fitting the 'quitkick' peace
and quiet reigns! The product and service that we recieved were second
to none."

- Nikki Wilson, Head Groom. The Mare & Foal Sanctuary

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"I thought I would share my experience of buying and using Quitkick. My horse (who I have had for 4 years) has always kicked the stable door, purely for attention, good or bad! I could never restrict his diet as he would kick for his haynet. I couldn't stand talking to someone as he thought I should be talking to him. He is kept at home (which is also a livery yard) and kicks whenever someone is about. He has damaged his door (and wall from when I left the door open, him being kept in by a steel bar across the doorway). His new trick is to kick at the crack of dawn even when there is no-one around. At my (and everyone else's) wits end I searched online for something, anything, that might work. I came across Quitkick:

• I placed my order and Quitkick was delivered the next day
• The Quitkick was easily installed
• He must have banged once only as hardly any water had been used
• He hasn't kicked since

Thank you for a wonderful product and for bringing peace and quiet back!"
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