Quit-Kick stops your horse kicking stable doors and walls

"Make door and stable kicking a thing of the past!"

The Quit-Kick range of products have been designed by equine professionals to painlessly stop the frustrating habit of horses kicking stable doors and walls.

When a horse kicks in the stable it can cause damage to hooves, legs and the stable itself. It is expensive and dangerous and can be a significant factor in lameness. It is also extremely annoying and can be contagious, as other nearby horses may pick the habit up.

Quitkick products are quick and easy to fit devices specifically designed by equestrian experts to eliminate stable kicking 100% of the time.

Latest Testimonials

"Many thanks for your advice and prompt response in delivering the QuitKick."
"I am delighted to say it has been 100% successful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this product, as I am sure it will be of benefit to many other horses and their owners in the future."
Mrs Jenny Pitman OBE.

"If your horse kicks stable doors this is a very effective product."
"It is a kind, simple deterrent,easy to install and works off a rechargeable battery. It can be moved from one stable door to another very easily.
At last something simple and affordable to ensure a peaceful yard "
Millie Dumas, Event rider.

"We would just like to say how impressed we are with our 'Quitkick'.
Our Shire Horse, Kavaner, was not only damaging his stable but more worryingly, damaging himself. After trying other door kicking deterrents we are happy to say that within one day of fitting the 'quitkick' peace and quiet reigns! The product and service that we recieved were second
to none."
Nikki Wilson, Head Groom. The Mare & Foal Sanctuary

Here is the full article on our website www.mareandfoal.org

Horse and Hound

Quitkick has been featured in Horse and Hound Magazine.

NEWS - USA Editorials

After our successful launch in USA in August 2009 QuitKick has been featured in many magazines including Horse Illustrated, the top selling equestrian magazine in America. They liked the product so much they brought the publication of the article forward by a month

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